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Case Study: How I Helped Zoe Get a 3.5x ROI From Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most versatile forms of marketing. It can help achieve a variety of goals—maximize reach, increase conversions, improve brand image, reach a specific audience, etc. And it is also one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, especially when compared to traditional advertising and paid promotions.

This is probably why so many marketers are moving away from traditional marketing and investing in influencer marketing. And there are many success stories of brands that saw quantifiable and significant business growth after implementing an influencer marketing campaign.

This is one such success story of health and fitness influencer and fitness coach, Zoe Rodriguez. Read this case study to learn how she leveraged our influencer marketing consulting services to drive sales conversions and grow her brand.


Zoe Rodriguez, a health and fitness blogger and CEO of ZBody Fitness Inc., came to me for help with her influencer marketing initiatives. The key goal was to boost her company’s sales and maximize the ROI from her influencer marketing campaign.

She wanted us to design and execute an influencer marketing campaign for her brand and drive sales of her products. She also wanted to increase her brand’s online presence, reach more people, and build a larger follower base.


Difficulty Collaborating With Influencers

Some other challenges at that time were that influencer marketing was in a nascent stage and there weren’t as many influencer selection tools as we have now. So finding the right influencers to collaborate with was another challenge.

Also, getting influencers to work with Zoe was a task in itself, especially with the “diva mentality” that influencers usually have. Some of the more popular influencers didn’t even respond to emails or messages. Some outright refused to work together.

Back then, influencer marketing was not as evolved and mainstream as it is now. Today, influencers are available in numbers and actively search for brands to collaborate with. But at that time, there were not as many influencers. And those who were popular were difficult to collaborate with.

So finding and reaching out to the right influencers was another big challenge for us.

Low Sales Conversions

Though Zoe’s website was getting a decent number of visitors, she was struggling with converting those visitors into customers. A lot of website visitors were leaving her website without making a purchase or engaging with more website content. So, driving sales and getting visitors to engage with her brand was a problem.


Optimized the Website For Better Conversions

I started by revamping Zoe’s website to make it more engaging and to optimize it for sales conversions. I added calls-to-action like free ebook downloads, signing up for Zoe’s newsletter, etc. to get the viewers more engaged with the brand and Zoe’s products.

I also worked to revamp her other products and services, including her fitness ebooks, customer service experience, and bundled programs. I also designed a new logo for her company.

Reached Out to Influencers to Get Zoe Featured

I reached out to several health and fitness influencers for collaborations and got them to mention Zoe in their posts. The focus was on promoting her fitness programs and ebooks, targeted at female fitness enthusiasts.

I focussed on several Instagram influencers, who were relevant for Zoe’s brand and could reach her targeted customer niche. The cost of these influencer engagements were based on a pay-per-post pricing model.

The influencer content strategy was focussed on showing body transformations after using Zoe’s programs. Most of the influencer content was in the form of before and after pictures of people who tried her programs.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

Ran an Email Drip Campaign

As part of this email campaign, I sent a series of emails to Zoe’s subscriber list, aimed at driving sales conversions. These included several types of emails from regular newsletters to promotional emails aimed at driving ebooks sales.

The idea behind this was to pitch more products and services to people who were already interested in Zoe’s brand and products. The emails also had several calls-to-action aimed at driving conversions.

Revamped Her Content Strategy and Promoted Her as a Health and Fitness Influencer

I created a robust influencer marketing campaign with a content strategy focussed on targeting the health, fitness, and lifestyle segments. I created several posts with before and after pictures to showcase her transformation and the effectiveness of her workout techniques.

Using Zoe’s personal transformation journey as an example, I inspired a series of fitness enthusiasts to engage with Zoe’s brand and also share their stories. This strategy was aimed at women who wanted to undergo a similar physical transformation as they were the key target demographic for Zoe’s products.

Image via ZBody

Zoe’s services as a fitness coach and an influencer were also targeted at fitness and lifestyle companies. And the key theme of the campaign was to promote her programs and their ability to transform a person’s body.

Offered Bundled Packages

We offered several bundled products and services to upsell products and increase revenue. We ran several such promotional deals and discounts.


Within a period of one year, I not only helped Zoe meet her campaign goals but also got her a high return on her investment.

Following are some of the key results that I achieved for Zoe’s influencer marketing campaign:

  • • With an initial investment of $300K, Zoe was able to generate a sales boost of $1.6 million with the help of our influencer marketing campaign.

  • I was able to get her a 5x ROI on our influencer marketing initiatives.
  • We were also successful in driving conversions for her brand’s products. By the end of this campaign, several products saw an increase in sales.
  • We offered bundled packages and focussed on upselling her products and services to increase revenue.

  • Increased her number of followers and the engagement rate on her social media posts.
  • Currently, Zoe’s Instagram profile has 427K followers and her brand’s page (zbodyfitnessinc) has 184k followers.
  • Built long-term relationships with influencers, which continued long after the campaign ended.
  • By the end of this campaign, Zoe’s transformation journey inspired several other women to post about their personal journeys after using Zoe’s programs. This resulted in creating several brand advocates beyond the influencers that we collaborated with.
  • As a result of this campaign, Zoe established herself as a key influencer in her field with a strong and distinctive personal brand.

Overall, the influencer marketing campaign for Zoe was a huge success, and we achieved much higher than anticipated ROI.


Influencer marketing, if done right, is a cost-effective way to increase your brand’s reach and drive sales conversions. All it takes is a focussed content and promotional strategy and a well-executed influencer campaign.

Using the solutions detailed above, you can also achieve similar ROI from your influencer marketing initiatives.

If you want to maximize the ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns, feel free to consult with me. For any further questions or to share your own success stories, comment below.

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