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What is a Content Calendar Template and Why is it Important?

Imagine a blueprint that guides your marketing efforts – that's what a content calendar template does.

It’s a tool to map out and schedule your content creation in advance and provides an overview of publishing dates, topics, and assignments. This organization is critical for:

  • Identifying gaps in your schedule or editorial gaps
  • Ensuring you publish the right content at the right times
  • Easily collaborating across teams with a centralized plan
  • Converting readers by planning focused, high-quality content
  • Optimizing your workflow and strategy based on past performance

With a content calendar, you can plan smarter content and even try different content recommendation strategies. It helps keep your strategies aligned, your campaigns consistent, and your team on the same page.

A content calendar isn't just a schedule; it's your roadmap to strategic success.

So, tired of always scrambling to organize and plan content?

Finding it difficult to keep track of all your ideas, deadlines and publishing dates?

We’ve got the perfect and free customizable content calendar template to help streamline your content creation process.

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Why Do You Need a Content Calendar Template?

An organized content calendar leads to better quality and conversion-focused content.

But have you tried to organize your calendar across multiple spreadsheets?

Yes, we know. It’s utterly chaotic!

What if you could say goodbye to scramble planning?

Say less. Here’s why you need our content calendar template:

  • Strategic Brilliance: Our content calendar template isn't just a schedule. It's a canvas for your ideas to flourish. Brainstorm captivating content concepts, align them with your brand's identity, and strategically plan each piece for maximum impact.
  • Consistency is King: The online world is noisy. Regularity in your content is the key to standing out. Attrock's content calendar template helps you maintain a consistent posting schedule, keeping your audience engaged and hungry for more.
  • Collaboration Made Effortless: In today's work environment, seamless collaboration is vital. Our content calendar template offers a space for your team to contribute, review, and refine content ideas. No more back-and-forth emails or missed messages.
  • Adaptability at Its Best: The marketing landscape can shift unexpectedly without notice. Our template empowers you to adapt swiftly. Whether it's rescheduling, introducing new campaigns, or making timely adjustments, our tool simplifies the process.
  • Performance Tracking: Success thrives on insights, including performance marketing ones. With our template, you can monitor the performance of your content effortlessly. Identify what works and what needs improvement, and adjust accordingly.

Remember, maintaining a consistent and impactful online presence is no longer optional. It's a necessity. Here’s how our template brings clarity to content planning:

  • Customizable layout to suit your specific needs
  • Pre-formatted sections for different content types
  • Editable calendars for weekly and monthly views
  • Ability to add titles, notes, owners, assets, and more
  • Easy sharing across your team for real-time updating

With an optimized content calendar template like ours, you can create a high-performing content plan.


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What’s Included in this Content Calendar Template?

Our content calendar template provides a complete system to organize your entire calendar in one place. It comes pre-formatted with designated sections for:

Blog Posts

Easily plan out titles, publish dates, and owners of your blog content. Craft and schedule insightful blog articles that establish your expertise and engage your readers.

Plan a mix of educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking posts that resonate with your target audience.

Landing Pages

Map out any additional landing pages you need to create or optimize. This will help you develop content that converts visitors into loyal customers.

Strategically align landing page content with your ongoing campaigns for maximum impact.


Outline content ideas, episodes, guests, and dates. Plan podcast episodes that captivate your listeners and deliver value-packed content.

Coordinate podcast topics, guest interviews, and release dates seamlessly within the template.


Schedule email campaigns, promos, and newsletters. Craft compelling email campaigns that nurture leads, drive conversions, and keep your subscribers engaged.

Ensure your email content aligns with your broader content strategy for a unified brand message.

Social Media Posts

Given the importance of social media posts in content production, our template allocates several slots to these platforms.

LinkedIn: Schedule LinkedIn posts and newsletters. Share professional insights, industry news, and valuable content with your LinkedIn network.

Foster meaningful connections and position your brand as an authoritative figure in your niche.

Facebook: Populate your Facebook content calendar. Engage your audience with captivating posts, visuals, and videos on the world's largest social platform.

Use consistent and targeted social media content to keep your followers informed, entertained, and connected. .

TikTok: Organize your TikTok content schedule. Tap into the trendsetting world of short-form video content with creative and attention-grabbing content ideas.

Maintain a regular posting schedule that keeps your brand visible and relevant to a younger audience.

Additional Features

Attrock's Content Calendar Template gives you the power to manage diverse content types across various platforms. With specific areas for all major content types, you can see your full plan on one spreadsheet.

Other features include:

  • Calendar view for visual weekly and monthly planning
  • Color coding for different content types or campaigns
  • Notes section to outline topics, frameworks, guests, etc.
  • Share access across your team for real-time collaboration
  • Fully customizable with your brand colors, fonts, and more

Get the complete content planning system with our template.

Jan 2023

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How to Use This Content Calendar Template

Once you’ve downloaded our content calendar template, use it to optimize your content creation by following these steps:

  • Define Your Goals: Set your objectives (brand awareness, conversions, lead generation) to tailor your content creation for them.
  • Slot Your Content: Assign tasks and content types to platforms. Whether it’s blog and social media posts, podcasts, and so on, our template covers them all.
  • Schedule Strategically: Allot publishing times and dates for each piece for optimal timing of your content creation endeavors.
  • Collaborate Effortlessly: Invite your team to contribute, edit, and perfect content production in real-time.
  • Adapt with Ease: Modify slots and content as the landscape shifts. No disruptions, just adjustments as needed.
  • Track Performance: Record engagement data in the template so you can refine your strategy and enhance content production with it.
  • Reap the Benefits: Experience the payoff of organized content creation and engage your audience effectively.


Q1. How do I create a content calendar template?

A. Creating a content calendar template involves outlining your content strategy, assigning tasks for content creation, and scheduling social media posts, videos or blog posts.

Download a premade template like ours and customize it by adding your content types, publication dates, and other relevant details.

Q2. What should a content calendar include?

A. A comprehensive content calendar should encompass publication dates, content topics, assigned tasks, and platforms for content creation.

Our content calendar template provides a structured framework for effective content production plans by helping you:

  • Schedule publication dates for optimal timing
  • Assign tasks to the right team members
  • Organize content topics across different platforms
  • Enable collaboration to execute your content creation strategy

With a robust content calendar, you can map out your entire editorial plan, including social media posts and content creation, in one place. This empowers you to deliver engaging, high-quality content consistently.

Q3. What is the most commonly used format for a content calendar?

A. The most common format for content calendars is a spreadsheet-based template. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are the most commonly used platforms since they allow you to easily edit and share content calendars.

Our content calendar template offers a user-friendly spreadsheet format that simplifies content production, including planning, strategizing, and collaborating.

Q4. What is the difference between content plan and content calendar?

A. A content plan outlines your overall content production plan, including goals and target audience for content creation and social media posts. Meanwhile, content calendars enable you to schedule specific content pieces and assign tasks for executing the plan.

Both are vital components of a successful content strategy.

Q5. Can you post too much content?

A. Yes, you can, but shouldn’t do so. Posting excessive content without a strategic plan can overwhelm your audience and dilute your message's impact.

Our content calendar template helps you strike the right balance, ensuring a consistent and well-paced content strategy for effective audience engagement.

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