We live content. We breathe it. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve ranked over 5000 keywords for our clients. And with our free content brief template, you can start churning out content at scale like we do.

Why Even Create a Content Brief?

It’s easy to share details about your content through emails or DMs, so why even bother with the creation of a content brief? 

After all, it’s comprehensive and takes time. 

But guess what? 

Not creating one means setting yourself up for failure. Here’s why you should create it:

  • Helps communicate all your requirements clearly to your writers (in-house or freelance) and agencies.
  • Reduces back-and-forth for revisions as objectives are communicated well.
  • Writers know exactly what needs to be done for SEO, leading to well-optimized content that ranks better.
  • Helps maintain consistency across writers and agencies as everything is standardized.
  • Leads to a more streamlined collaboration.

Our free content brief template helps you develop a comprehensive brief quickly. Just fill it up and you’re ready to roll. 

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Our Content Brief Template Has it All

Content briefs can play a crucial role in communicating the requirements for the content that writers need to create. And that’s why they’ve got to be perfect.

Our content brief template has got everything that needs to be added into a brief to make it a comprehensive resource for your team.

Content Basics

Our template includes all the basics of content creation that need to be communicated to in-house writers, freelancers, or agencies.

SEO Guidelines

The template also includes detailed sections for information related to your SEO requirements. From keywords to internal linking, it has it all.

Content Checklist

To ensure that your content has got everything that it needs, our content brief template also has a detailed checklist listing every important point.

Give your (or your client’s) website the content it deserves. Get our content brief template to create impactful content.

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What’s Included in Our Content Brief Template

Let’s face it—cookie-cutter content briefs are useless. They just don’t communicate the important details and key recommendations

But our content brief template is thorough. We’ve painstakingly built it through years of experience to help set you up for success.

Blog Post Details

Our free content brief template includes a comprehensive space to fill in the basic details essential to your blog post.

Basic Guidelines

The content you create can have some common guidelines. Our template includes a section where you can add those in.

Internal Linking

Internal linking plays a crucial role in boosting the SEO of your website. Our template has dedicated a spot to internal linking too.

External Linking

The websites you link to influence your SEO as well. So, it’s crucial to get them right. Our template helps you with it.


It’s essential to clearly specify your expectations when you’re assigning a blog post to someone. Our content brief template has space for it.

Structure Guide

The way you structure your content shapes its performance. That’s why our brief has a section dedicated to different structures.

Key Recommendations

Our content brief also includes some important recommendations for creating impactful content. You can add yours in as well. 

Custom Guidelines

Each piece of content you create could have some specific guidelines. Our content brief template takes care of that as well. 

Keyword Requirements

Our free content brief template also has a section for target keywords to help give your blog’s SEO efforts a boost. 

Specific Needs

After all the requirements are provided, there may still be some feedback that you might have to share. You can do it in our content brief.


It can be challenging to keep track of a bunch of guidelines. But checklists help. Our custom checklist is the key to creating impactful content.

Content Creation Tips

The free content brief template also packs some powerful tips to help you ace your content creation game using it. 

Say no to drafts that don’t match your requirements by creating clear and comprehensive content briefs that share every detail a writer needs to know.

Get our free content brief template now and make a mark with your content.

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Additional Tips to Supercharge Your Content Efforts

While our content brief template will set you up for success, there’s still more that you can do to give your content marketing efforts a boost. 

We’ve got some tips to help you out:

  • Choose long-tail keywords that can help your content rank with relative ease. Also, keep only one primary keyword per post. You can include multiple secondary keywords, though.
  • Provide ample references to your writers and drop notes with them so they know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Make sure you do multiple rounds of edits once you receive the first draft. It’s the key to publishing catchy content.
  • Plan out your internal linking strategy well for best results. It’s the key to ensuring that no page on your website remains an orphan page. 
  • Choose your external links carefully. You don’t want to link to websites that have lower authority than you. It could potentially undermine your authority.

These tips, paired with our content brief template and your content strategy, can help you scale your content efforts and help you accomplish your goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

The Free Template is All Yours

Start Using Our Free Content Brief Template in 7 Steps

Using a template shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s the point of a “template” right? It’s got to be simple and straightforward

But to ensure that you don’t get stuck anywhere, here’s a short seven-step guide to help you make the most out of our free content brief template:

  1. Get our free content brief template by clicking on the button below. If that doesn’t work, you can always download the template from here. 
  2. Create a copy of our free content brief template so you can start editing it with ease. 
  3. Cross-check every listing of the template and read our instructions before proceeding. 
  4. Head to each factor in the free content brief template and read individual instructions for it before filling the relevant information in it.
  5. If you already have a content brief, see where the gaps lie and use our content brief to fill those up. 
  6. Look at your current content creation process and make changes to it based on the ones suggested in the template.
  7. Implement the changes to experience SEO success.

Our free content brief template is comprehensive enough to set your content creation and distribution process right. It’ll streamline content expectations and help reduce your turnaround times.


Q 1. How do you write a content brief?

A. To write a content brief, all you have to do is list down the most important aspects of a content piece. These include the likes of internal links, references, external links, keywords, and more. You need to then list down all the requirements for each of these aspects of content to create your content brief. And if you don’t know where to get started, you can always choose our free content brief template and start editing it to prepare your brief. 

Q 2. What are the components of a content brief?

A. Some of the most important components of a content brief include: 

  • Basic blog post guidelines like topic, URL, target audience, and more
  • General guidelines for the content
  • Internal and external linking requirements
  • References for research and inspiration
  • Page or the blog’s structure
  • Heading structure of the content
  • Key recommendations for the content writer, agency, or freelancer
  • Custom guidelines for the particular post
  • Target keyword requirements and their related guidelines
  • Specific requirements 
  • Content checklist to see if everything is covered

Q 3. What is a typical format for a brief?

A. There’s no predefined format for a content brief. In fact, you can create your own content brief and format it as you deem it appropriate. However, it’s essential that you cover all the critical information in your brief to ensure that it conveys things clearly to the content creators. Ideally, your brief’s format should involve a small table, a checklist, and some guidelines in bullet points. You can use our content brief template to get started with ease.

Q 4. What is a good content brief?

A. A good content brief is one that clearly informs the content creator what’s expected of them. It should incorporate all the important elements of your content and must also include key requirements that need to be met. From internal and external linking to keyword requirements and heading structure, a good brief contains it all. 

Q 5. How do I create a SEO content brief?

A. Here are the steps you can take to create a SEO content brief in the right manner:

  1. Include basic information about your content like URL, title, meta description, etc.
  2. Provide some general guidelines for all your brand’s content.
  3. Specify the internal links you want.
  4. Mention any requirements for external linking.
  5. Provide references for other content and give context related to them.
  6. Define your blog post’s structure or page structure.
  7. Include your heading structure and any specific needs related to it.
  8. Provide some key recommendations and specific guidelines to your writers.
  9. Mention the primary keyword and other secondary keywords that you’ll target.
  10. Create a content checklist and add all the necessary details that must be checked off to complete the content.

With Our Brief, Your Content Will Ace It

Our free content brief template has got all the ingredients to help you communicate your content requirements in a structured and straightforward manner. It’ll streamline your content creation process and help you take it to the next level.

So, get our free content brief template now and start filling it out to set your content creation process in order. You’ll start seeing results instantly. Faster and smoother content creation won’t just be a distant dream.