What is Cold Email Outreach?

Cold email outreach is a tactic businesses use to win new clients. This approach helps you build connections with prospects who don’t have an existing relationship with your business.

However, cold emails can be intimidating to recipients and not many may respond to them. So, how can you write a winning cold email to convince prospects to consider your services and offerings?

The answer lies in using pre-crafted email messages to articulate yourself better.

Luckily for you, we have just the perfect resource for you: our FREE customizable SEO email template.

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What is an SEO Email Template?

An SEO email template is a pre-crafted email that streamlines the outreach efforts for SEO professionals. These email templates are customizable to allow SEO professionals and marketers to reach out to prospects for a variety of purposes.

Any SEO professional who has ever written an email to a prospect wonders if there's a better way to express themselves.

With clients spoilt for choice when it comes to SEO services that can help them get to the first page of Google, agencies are always wondering if:

  • Their emails are compelling enough to inspire users to action
  • They have communicated their unique selling point clearly
  • They have highlighted the benefits of their SEO services clearly
  • They have included a strong call to action to drive engagement
  • They have presented their SEO services clearly and concisely

If you haven’t heard from a prospect you reached out to, chances are your email didn’t meet one or more of these requirements.

Thankfully, we have a FREE SEO email template that will ensure your outreach emails are properly structured to increase your chances of hearing back from prospective clients.

Why Do You Need an SEO Email Template?

An SEO email template is a valuable resource for SEO agencies or professionals who offer SEO services. A well-designed SEO email template makes it easy for you to reach out to prospects and grab their attention.

The advantages of using our FREE SEO email template for email outreach include:

  • Helps you introduce yourself effectively: The pre-crafted message in the SEO email template helps you introduce yourself and your business to prospects in a professional and compelling way.
  • Present your offering clearly and concisely: It will help you clearly convey what you’re offering and why the recipients will benefit from it.
  • Showcases your professionalism: A well-designed SEO email template will help you impress your potential clients and delight them with a polished and well-structured email format and message.
  • Helps you save time: An SEO email template makes writing emails less time-consuming. No more starting from scratch when you need to send an email. Simply edit the template to suit the occasion.
  • Helps you stand out from the competition: As many people struggle to communicate their ideas via emails, an SEO email template will ensure your message hits the mark, thus helping you engage your recipients.
  • Keeps your messaging consistent: Using our SEO email template for your outreach efforts will ensure every recipient receives a consistent and impactful message. This also helps you send bulk emails for cold email outreach.

Our FREE SEO email template will streamline your outreach efforts and help you communicate effectively with your potential clients. Not to mention, it will save a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re running bulk email campaigns.

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What’s Included in This SEO Email Template?

Our master SEO email template comes with templates for an email sequence with four emails you can use for your outreach efforts. They are:

  • Template for the opening email: You will use this email when reaching out to a prospect for the first time. This template allows you to introduce yourself, your services, and anything else that you have to offer.
  • Template for 1st follow-up email: If a recipient doesn't respond to your opening email, you can use this template to draft your first follow-up email on day 3.
  • Template for 2nd follow-up email: If a prospect doesn't respond to your 1st follow-up email, you can use this template to draft your second follow-up email, to be sent on day 5.
  • Template for 3rd follow-up email: If a prospect doesn't respond to your second follow-up email, then you will need this template to draft your third and final follow-up email. This will be sent on day 7.

How to Use This SEO Email Template

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this template:

  1. Download the SEO email template from this page
  2. Find the template you need for your outreach efforts
  3. Customize the email template to your liking
  4. Copy the final draft and send it to your prospects
  5. Wait for a response from the prospect

Our free SEO template offers a good starting point for drafting your cold outreach emails. You can customize the templates to fit your needs, instead of starting from scratch.

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Q1. What is an SEO email template?

A. An SEO email template is a pre-crafted email format that you can customize to create perfect emails for your outreach campaigns. Our SEO email template includes individual templates for one opening email and three follow-up emails.

Q2. How can I benefit from an SEO email template?

A. An SEO email template will help you save time, ensure professionalism, and provide your email recipients with a consistent messaging experience.

Q3. Is the SEO email template customizable?

A. Yes, it is. You can customize and edit the template to your liking.

Q4. Who is this SEO email template for?

A. This email template is for anyone who sends cold outreach emails to prospective clients. This includes marketers, SEO agencies, and SEO consultants or freelancers.

Q5. How can I download the SEO template?

A. Use the download buttons on this page to get your FREE SEO email template.

Write Effective Emails for SEO Services With This Template

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