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Why Should You Use Our
Free Headline Analyzer Tool?

You must have heard - “80% of people read the headline but only 20% read the body copy.”

But is that number accurate? Who knows!

However, we do know that your headline or title is SUPER important.

And, writing awesome headlines isn’t as difficult as you think.

Just use our free Headline Analyzer tool and
write headlines that people will want to click through to read the entire story.

With our headline analysis and improvement suggestions, you’ll be able to:

Excited to improve your click-through rate by writing catchy headlines/titles?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a Headline Analyzer do?

A good Headline Analyzer tool can help you improve your headlines for better SEO and click-through rates. It can help you rank higher in Google search results.

Our free Headline Analyzer tests your headlines on parameters like readability, sentiment, clarity, word balance, etc. and assigns a score. It also gives headline ideas to improve the score.

2. Which is the best Headline Analyzer tool in the market?

Our free Headline Analyzer is one of the best tools to analyze how your headline will perform in the SERPs and improve it using data-driven suggestions. Once you use our advanced Headline Analyzer tool, you will not need to look anywhere else.

3. How would I know if my headline is click-worthy?

Use our free Headline Analyzer tool to test your headline and find areas for improvement. It assesses a headline on various parameters like word count, choice of words, sentiment, etc.

By performing a headline analysis, you will be able to see how good your headline actually is and if there is any scope for improvement.

4. What makes a headline click-worthy?

A click-worthy headline is one that is relevant to your target audience and piques their interest in reading your article or post.

Here is what makes a headline click-worthy:

  • The right headline type - question, list, or how-to statement
  • Good emotional marketing value (EMV)
  • Short and crisp length
  • Improved readability
  • Greater clarity - easy to understand and comprehend

5. What is the ideal length of a good headline? Why is it important?

The ideal length of a good headline is between 6 and 10 words (60-65 characters).

Basically, a headline you can read in a glance is a good headline unlike long and complex headlines that you cannot. It should effectively communicate what your content is all about.

Longer headlines don’t fit in SERP results as well and are cropped out partially (especially on smaller screens).

Use our free Headline Analyzer tool to ensure the word and character count of your headlines is in optimal length. Also, check out the preview of your headlines to see how it will look on different screens to gain more clarity.

6. Have other questions?

Get in touch with us using the contact form on our website.

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What Makes a Headline Great?

Great headlines are the ones that pique user interest and encourage people to read the body copy.

Test the SEO and user engagement value of your headline using our Headline Analyzer tool and
also get helpful suggestions to write better headlines.

Here are the five parameters on which our analyzer will score your headline:


Short and crisp headlines are easier to read on all devices and get more clicks. Longer headlines are hard to read on mobile devices and may cause users to skip ahead.

Headline Type

Certain types of headlines perform better than others on average. Use our free Headline Analyzer tool to learn which types of headlines can get you more clicks.


Headlines that use simple words and phrases are easy to read and comprehend. Use our free Headline Analyzer to see whether your headlines are easy or difficult to read.

Word Balance

Good headlines should include a mix of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words to entice readers. Our Headline Analyzer will help you maintain the perfect word balance.


Headlines with positive or negative sentiment will more likely appeal to readers’ emotions and get clicks. Our Headline Analyzer will analyze the sentiment your headline conveys.

Headlines are the deciding factor for whether or not people want to read your content. Are you
ready to make the right impact with your headlines?

How to Strike the
Right Word Balance in Your Headline

Crafting a click-worthy headline is a combination of art and science. You need to use a mix of
different types of words to strike a perfect balance and make your headlines impactful.

Common Words

These words are used frequently like how, what, this, your, about, etc.

Uncommon Words

These words are used less frequently like actually, every, awesome, etc.

Power Words

These words evoke an emotional response like hope, terror, beauty, etc.

Emotional Words

These words are likely to trigger an action like limited, killer, first time, etc.

Use our Headline Analyzer to test and optimize the word balance of your headline.

You’re One Step Away From Writing Great Headlines

Write better headlines proven to drive traffic and shares.

Use our Headline Analyzer tool to craft headlines that people simply can’t resist to click through and make a good first impression with your readers.

Are you ready to take your content views to the next level?

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