Performance marketing platforms help you run marketing and advertising campaigns driven by results.

And since your goals drive your performance marketing strategy, it becomes easy to track the achievement or lack thereof for any task.

However, you do need performance marketing platforms for accurate data associated with each action. Doing this then brings in transparency and gives you a complete picture of the efficiency of your strategies and the costs incurred.

Most importantly?

Performance marketing platforms help you eliminate the challenge of correctly attributing your leads and conversions. And this attribution problem is a challenge most marketers encounter, according to research.

Ruler Analytics

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As you can see, most of their challenges revolve around their return on investment, tracking offline conversions, proving return on ad spends, etc.

But all this can be a problem of the past if you leverage performance marketing platforms. They make it easy to identify your top traffic sources and help you get more revenue.

But there's saturation, with so many performance marketing platforms claiming to offer the best service. How do you get hold of one that performs as claimed?

This post delves into the best performance marketing platforms the market has to offer.

But first, a look at why you should consider performance marketing platforms and how they help your marketing strategy.

The Need for Performance Marketing Platforms in Digital Marketing

With performance marketing, you (the retailer, merchant, or advertiser) only pay providers (affiliates, publishers, networks, influencers, etc.) once they complete specific actions or achieve certain goals.

And why is this great?

It gives you power as the advertiser since your marketing expenditure only goes to successful performance marketing campaigns.

And this is also why you need performance marketing platforms.

They help you analyze the performance of different marketing campaigns for leads, conversions, clicks, etc. The performance marketing platforms allow you to determine cost per acquisition, attribute it correctly, and use the insights to optimize your efforts.

What's more?

The performance marketing platforms have customizable dashboards and analytics to give you a 360-degree view of your marketing campaign. You can see every action and its contribution to increasing brand awareness, conversions, leads, etc.

However, all this also depends on the type of performance marketing platforms you choose. In this case, you need one that gives you detailed insights into your campaigns while also helping you streamline them for better returns on investment.

But which performance marketing platforms should you use for data collection and analytics?

Discover them below.

Performance Marketing Platforms: Features, Usability, and Pricing

Check out performance marketing platforms your brand can leverage to tie payments to measurable actions:

1. Affise


Image via Affise

Performance marketing platforms like Affise make it easy for advertisers to manage, analyze, measure, and streamline digital marketing campaigns. It provides numerous features that help you boost your sales conversion rates and enjoy remarkable returns on investment.

Best of all?

This performance marketing platform automates your workflows, thus making it easy to determine traffic sources and only pay for conversions.
Key Features

  • Customizable dashboards you can adjust depending on preference or affiliates role
  • Predictive analytics to prepare for future campaigns and make informed decisions
  • Advanced tracking to help you track performance-based events like conversions, impressions, and clicks.
  • Optimization tools, including AI smart links, smart targeting, CR optimization, etc., to help you run a smooth campaign
  • Smooth migration. They have a dedicated tool to synchronize advertisers plus pull data into their tracking system.
  • Fraud detection tool to help reduce fraudulent traffic


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Automatic offer transfers
  • Real-time reporting
  • Good customer support
  • Features-rich API


  • The upfront cost is a bit high.


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • Scale – $499 per month with a 30-day free trial
  • Custom – Contact support

2. AnyTrack


Image via AnyTrack

As one of the most used performance marketing platforms, AnyTrack is a plug & play conversion tracking software. It helps marketers attribute conversions to Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics accounts, and other Ad networks.

And by tracking your data across all your analytics, AnyTrack enables you to optimize your content, funnels, website, and ads using detailed data.
Key Features

  • Get a 360-degree view with the ability to track anything from your lead gen funnels, ecommerce funnels, comparison websites, offline conversions, authority blogs, etc.
  • Numerous affiliate networks and ecommerce platform integrations
  • Auto tracking of events on ad networks and third-party integrations like Facebook, Google, Bing, etc.
  • Audience building to help you build custom audiences from data collected on your ad campaign.
  • AutoTag, AutoScan, and AutoTrack any form submissions, product links, or affiliate links detected on your website.
  • Run smart campaigns with granular customer data that helps you determine traffic sources, identify conversion drivers, and run multi-channel campaigns.


  • Ability to attribute and track any conversion data source
  • Assigning and tracking functionalities
  • Instant setup with good customer support
  • No code writing required to track events
  • Granular conversion data that offers actionable insights


  • No predictive analysis


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner

Offers a 14-free trial for new users.

  • Basic – $50 per month
  • Personal – $150 per month
  • Advanced – $300 per monthly

3. ClickMeter


Image via ClickMeter

ClickMeter is one of the performance marketing platforms you can use to track your advertising and affiliate program. It can help you identify your best marketing sources, manage your commissions and links from a central location, and track visibility.

What's more?

It’s among the few performance marketing platforms that offer customized programs for publishers, advertisers, agencies, and affiliates.
Key Features

  • Target visitors clicking on links and segment them based on location, device, language, etc.
  • Redirect functionality to help you find out what marketing tactic works better and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  • Advanced tracking to help you extract data and turn it into useful analytics.
  • Track conversions with parameters including cookies, commission amount, product ID, etc.
  • Create tracking pixels and assign them to campaigns or connect them to an existing one.
  • Detailed reports and the ability to compare data points that boost your marketing strategies.


  • Cloak affiliate links functionality
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Click-fraud protection
  • Easy client collaboration


  • No free trial


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner

Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with every plan.

  • MEDIUM – $29 per month
  • LARGE – $99 per month
  • X-LARGE – $349 per month

4. PartnerStack


Image via PartnerStack

With performance marketing platforms like PartnerStack, you get the power to recruit appropriate partners that help your brand sell more.

And whether you want to get more conversions, leads, or traffic, PartnerStack makes it possible to handle all kinds of partnerships you need.
Key Features

  • Track partner deals, leads, and links while on PartnerStack
  • Manage marketing partners in your affiliate, ambassador, or influencer marketing programs
  • PartnerStack API to help you leverage distributor networks for selling
  • Easily embed loyalty programs
  • Partner journey automation to quickly onboard an unlimited number of partners
  • Partner analytics at individual and group levels
  • Ability to create unique reward content and structures


  • Centralized dashboard
  • UTM parameters and internal tracking
  • Integrations with CRMs, payment gateways, revenue management platforms, etc.
  • Automate partner payouts
  • Ability to run multiple programs


  • Limited payment options


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • Contact support



Image via TUNE

Features offered by TUNE make it one of the most potent performance marketing platforms. Some of these include white labeling, customizable dashboards, postback capabilities, numerous affiliate automation tools, and so much more.

Additionally, it integrates with any mobile measurement partner and network and helps you bring all your marketing partners, channels, campaigns, and networks under one roof.
Key Features

  • Works across web and mobile to bring your marketing partners, networks, campaigns, and channels under one roof
  • Real-time reporting, API-driven sharing, and complete event logging
  • Ability to stream data to third-party or internal systems
  • Performance automation tools to streamline workflows and repetitive tasks
  • Proactive fraud detection capabilities
  • Automated payments with customizable approvals
  • User-friendly dashboard and granular reports


  • Real-time reporting
  • Fraud-prevention tools
  • Compatibility with web and mobile applications
  • Automated workflows
  • Availability of customized solutions


  • High subscription cost


  • Moderately easy to use

Tool Level

  • Intermediate/Expert

Plans for Advertisers

  • BOOTSTRAP – $499 per month
  • STARTUP – $879 per month
  • SCALE – $1500 per month
  • CONTRACT – Get a quote

Plans for Networks

  • ENTERPRISE – $799 per month
  • CONTRACT – Get a quote

6. Everflow


Image via Everflow

What makes Everflow stand out from other performance marketing platforms is that it's a cloud-based software that offers you complete API access and detailed reporting.

It also enables you to track affiliates, manage influencers, media buying channels, and in-ap add placements.

And guess what?

You can also integrate it with Shopify and take control of any affiliate or influencer campaign aimed at increasing ecommerce sales.
Key Features

  • Direct linking to help you attribute each partner through a method similar to the UTM tracking method Google Analytics uses
  • Impression tracking to help you attribute views
  • SKAN Attribution to help you measure your mobile partners' performance
  • QR codes to help you measure online and offline performance
  • Smart links to help you provide targeted offers. You can also bundle the links up, measure, and optimize them for particular ecommerce KPIs
  • Real-time analytics and various filters to help you determine traffic sources


  • Auto-optimization capabilities
  • In-depth reporting
  • Powerful targeting functionalities
  • Centralized performance monitoring
  • Google Cloud infrastructure


  • Slightly challenging learning curve, but they provide training.


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • Starter – $750 per month
  • Everflow Plus – Custom pricing


Q1. What is a performance marketing platform?

A. Performance marketing platforms are tools you use to track, measure, and make the most of your advertising campaigns. They ensure you only pay for results, actions taken, or goals met.

Q2. What are the types of performance marketing?

A. Performance marketing types include:

  • Social media advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Search engine marketing

Q3. What is the example of performance marketing?

A. For example, you hire a blogger to promote a service or marketing software your site offers on their blog. The blogger then asks the readers to visit your landing page and register for the tool or service.

And if this was the desired action you and the blogger agreed upon, you pay for the number of successful subscriptions.

Q4. What is the most effective marketing platform?

A. Marketing platforms are ways for your company to get your business in front of your customer and can include both traditional and online marketing methods.

Traditional marketing platforms you can leverage include radio, newspaper, television, direct mail, etc.

Digital marketing platforms, on the other hand, include social media marketing, search engine marketing, banner ads, content marketing, etc.

Q5. Is performance marketing the same as digital marketing?

A. Performance marketing is a form of digital marketing in which your brand only pays for results achieved.

Q6. What is the best performance marketing platform for an affiliate network?

A. Performance marketing platforms an affiliate network can leverage include:

  • ClickMeter
  • PartnerStack
  • TUNE
  • Everflow

Q7. What is the difference between brand and performance marketing?

A. Brand marketing requires patience and focuses on strategies that help you build long-term equity.

Performance marketing prioritizes immediate wins. You focus on strategies that help you convert now.

Q8. What is the best performance marketing platform to use?

A. Best performance marketing platforms include:

  • Affise
  • AnyTrack
  • ClickMeter
  • PartnerStack
  • TUNE
  • Everflow

For details on the features and pricing of each of these platforms, check the post above.

Q9. What is the benefit of performance marketing?

A. Performance marketing benefits include:

  • Only pay for results
  • Amplifies marketing efforts
  • Extends your reach
  • Improves search engine rankings
  • Diversifies revenue streams

Which Performance Marketing Platforms Would Meet Your Brand's Needs?

These performance marketing platforms can help you figure out where you get the most traffic and revenue. Additionally, they can help you determine if affiliates, bloggers, or influencers you partner with improve your content strategy and help you increase sales.

However, your decision on the best performance marketing platforms will depend on features your company considers crucial and the pricing.

So, which one among the performance marketing platforms listed above tick all the appropriate boxes?

Try them out and share your experience below.