Are your influencer marketing campaigns helping you achieve your goals? If not, don’t give up yet.

Influencer marketing is a prominent force in the marketing landscape that has the power to bring exceptional results to your marketing efforts.

About 83% of marketers and brands find influencer marketing campaigns to be effective. In fact, 71% have increased the influencer marketing content they produce and share.

But influencer marketing is not easy. It’s not as straightforward as it may appear at first glance.

Although there are great influencer marketing platforms that can match you with the right influencers, a lot of strategizing is needed to make a campaign successful.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of 13 influencer marketing examples and explained the tactics that contributed to their success.

13 Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

These influencer marketing campaigns will provide a wealth of ideas and insights to inspire your next campaign.

1. Dunkin’ (Previously Dunkin’ Donuts)

One of the best examples of influencer marketing campaigns is this donut brand’s collaboration with Charli D’Amelio.

Dunkin’ wanted to penetrate the Gen Z market. To achieve this, it leveraged the reach of Charli D’Amelio, a 19-year-old TikTok megastar with over 151 million followers.

What makes this campaign exceptional is that it was multilayered. It involved:

  • Posts by Charli D’Amelio consuming Dunkin’ Donuts products.
  • The Charli x Dunkin’ contest where the winner got a virtual hangout session with Charli.
  • Two drinks named after Charli D’Amelio, “The Charli” and “The Charli Cold Foam.”

In this simple video, Charli D’Amelio goes about her day sipping a Dunkin’ Donuts drink. It has over 1.4 million likes, over 13,000 comments, and over 6,400 shares.


Image via TikTok

2. Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka’s circular living campaign is also one of the best influencer marketing campaigns.

The campaign was launched in preparation for the unveiling of a limited-edition bottle made with 41% recycled glass.

What made it effective was that Absolut Vodka engaged social media influencers whose values aligned with the theme of the campaign, which was sustainability.

Another factor that made the circular living campaign effective is that it wasn’t just an ad. It doubled as a training program for its target audience. This drew a lot of engagement.

In the campaign, Absolut Vodka engaged a series of planet-conscious influencers like Lauren Singer. The influencers co-created a sustainable lifestyle guide on recycling.

In this post, for instance, Lauren Singer names herself a contributor to the guide. She encourages her audience to read it. The post has over 30,000 likes.

Absolut - Lauren Singer

Image via Instagram

3. Gymshark

Gymshark has run some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns, but its Gymshark 66 campaign stands out.

In this campaign, Gymshark used social media influencers to engage users in a practical challenge.

Encouraging the target audience’s participation triggered user-generated content. It also increased brand awareness while building a strong brand community.

This is how the brand carried out the campaign.

It encouraged people to practice positive habits for 66 consecutive days and asked them to share before and after pictures with the hashtag #gymshark66.

The brand used TikTok influencers like Nona Bayat, a fitness trainer with 3.7 million followers, to hype the challenge and get more participation.

Nona Bayat

Image via TikTok

By combining the power of user-generated content with influencer partnerships, the hashtag #gymshark66 was able to garner over 800,000 Instagram posts


Image via Instagram

 On TikTok, it has over 320 million views.

#gymshark66 TikTok

Image via TikTok

4. Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs is not new to creating impressive influencer marketing campaigns.

The brand works with influencers from a variety of niches. Some examples include singer Leslie Grace, actress Marika Sila, nail artist Zola Ganzorigt, and chef Paola Velez. This helps it reach a variety of audiences and different customer segments.

But what we love about Haagen-Dazs is its strategic use of the right influencers to achieve its goals.

For instance, Haagen-Dazs featured Leslie Grace in the launch of the Häagen-Dazs City Sweets collection.

Leslie Grace embodies the fun, family-friendly personality of Haagen-Dazs. Being a celebrity singer with a loyal fan base, she was the right influencer to generate buzz around the event.

A video Leslie shared of her time at the event got 20.8 million views.

Leslie Grace

Image via TikTok

5. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington harnesses the power of influencer marketing campaigns for more conversions.

One of its best influencer marketing campaigns is its collaboration with the Roman lifestyle influencer Federica Scagnetti.

Knowing that her audience of over 850,000 followers trusts her taste, the brand involved her in picking the color palette for a new set of accessories as shown in this post.

Daniel Wellington and Federica Scagnetti

Image via Instagram

There’s also a page on Daniel Wellington’s website where people can shop the accessories Federica Scagnetti has shopped for her wardrobe.

Daniel Wellington website

Image via Daniel Wellington

6. PlayStation

In one of the best influencer marketing campaigns by PlayStation, the brand targeted the Canadian market and aimed to raise awareness of the PlayStation VR headset.

It engaged tech and gaming influencers like Karl Conrad. The influencers were based in Canada, which meant their followers were predominantly Canadian.

What made this a successful strategy is that the influencers shared the experiences they had using the VR headset. They didn’t just talk about the product.

See this post by Karl Conrad, for instance. He shared his setup and described his experience with the PlayStation VR headset as ‘immersive.’

Playsation Karl Conrad

Image via Instagram

If you want to target specific geographic areas, it’s best to leverage an influencer marketing platform to find the right influencers.

Pro Tip: Just because an influencer comes from a certain location doesn’t automatically mean their followers are predominantly from that location. So, use more detailed criteria for influencer selection.

7. FIJI Water

FIJI Water is another brand that inspires marketers to change how they execute their influencer marketing strategies.

In one campaign, FIJI Water conducted a water taste test that involved New York City tap water and artesian bottled water.

For this, the company partnered with Katie Couric, a renowned American journalist, on a collaborative post.

FIJI Water

Image via Instagram

As you’d expect, FIJI Water was the artesian bottled water they put to the test.

The survey respondents described FIJI Water favorably. One respondent described its taste as ’clean and natural.’

Several reasons make this one of the most effective influencer marketing campaigns. These include:

  • Katie Couric is a well-respected media personality. Partnering with her built trust in the brand.
  • The respondents did not know that the artesian bottled water they tasted was FIJI water. It made potential customers more likely to trust the participants’ reactions.

8. Moncler

The #MonclerBubbleUp campaign is another one of the most effective influencer marketing campaigns. It combines user-generated content with influencer partnerships.

#MonclerBubbleUp was a viral TikTok challenge by Moncler. Its goal was to penetrate the Gen Z market.

Users were asked to recreate the iconic Moncler signature bubble coat look using items at home and incorporate a trending TikTok audio clip in their videos.

Mega influencers in the Gen Z demographic like Bella Poarch joined the challenge, making it go viral.

This post that features Bella Poarch has over 3,000 comments and over 171,000 likes.


Image via TikTok

The hashtag got 7.8 billion views.

Moncler challenge

Image via Instagram

Engaging in the challenge was easy and fun. And the involvement of mega influencers like Bella Poarch made it a hit.

It also inspired increased involvement from Gen Z content creators, which boosted Moncler’s efforts to penetrate this demographic.

9. Red Robin

Red Robin recently created a contest and influencer campaign centered around its famous jingle.

It was an effective strategy to keep the brand on top of people’s minds, despite strong competition.

In the campaign, users were required to record their creative performance of the Red Robin jingle and share it using the hashtags #YUMMMOFF and #contest for a chance to win $5,000.

Red Robin challenge

Image via Instagram

Given that the contest involved Red Robin’s jingle, the brand engaged musicians like Anthony Gargiula and Nathan Davis Jr. to create sponsored posts.

The posts were recordings of them singing the jingle.

This post by Anthony Gargiula, for instance, has almost 11,000 likes.

Anthony Gargiula

Image via Instagram

This post by Nathan Davis Jr. has over 10,000 likes.

Nathan Davis Jr.

Image via Instagram

10. ASOS

ASOS has a diverse audience. It leverages influencer marketing campaigns to ensure customers of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds feel part of the ASOS community.

Over time, it has partnered with influencers who represent all its market segments and inspire the love of fashion and style.

For instance, here’s an ASOS ad post by Saam Gatsheni, a plus-size model.

ASOS Saam Gatsheni

Image via Instagram

ASOS’s influencer marketing campaigns are not occasional events. It has integrated them into its digital marketing efforts.

The brand even features its influencers on is website, as seen on this page featuring its Valentine’s Day outfits.

ASOS website feature

Image via ASOS

11. HelloFresh

HelloFresh uses strategic influencer marketing campaigns to spread the word about the value of its products.

Its influencers’ social posts describe how the brand makes life easier for them.

What’s more, the influencers share exclusive offers with their audience, which drives engagement and conversions.

Here’s a post by Olivia of OliviasWorld95 that shares how HelloFresh’s meal kits are useful for her.

Olivia HelloFresh

Image via Instagram

What makes HelloFresh succeed in its influencer marketing campaigns? The influencers share how HelloFresh solves a problem for them.

It adds authenticity to the sponsored content, transforming it from simple ads to genuine testimonials.

12. Dior

Dior has some of the best beauty campaign strategies.

In a campaign launched in 2020, Dior worked with an influencer marketing platform to establish 67 influencer collaborations. It was known as the “67 Shades of Dior” campaign.

The campaign was in line with the launch of the brand’s Forever Foundation. The foundation came in 67 tones for different skin tones.

The skin tones of the 67 influencers matched each of the 67 unique tones of the Forever Foundation.


Image via X

The influencers were from various target geographies. It helped drive awareness in specific locations and cement Dior’s reputation as an inclusive brand.

This influencer campaign remains to be one of the most inclusive influencer marketing campaigns of all time.

13. Levi’s

Levi’s launched the ’Buy Better, Wear Longer’ campaign to create awareness around its commitment to sustainability.

The campaign featured environmental activists and eco-conscious celebrity influencers from the Gen Z demographic, such as Jaden Smith and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

Gen Z is known as the eco-conscious generation. Levi’s combination of Gen Z influencers and a message on sustainability made this influencer campaign effective at reaching this demographic.

During this campaign, the influencers shared their stories in a series of YouTube videos. They encouraged viewers to be intentional about their purchasing decisions.

This story by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez has over 4,000 views.


Image via YouTube


Q1. What is an example of a successful influencer marketing campaign?

A. An example of a successful influencer campaign is Moncler’s #MonclerBubbleUp TikTok challenge which got 7.8 billion views. It was successful in boosting brand awareness.

Q2. How do I create an influencer marketing campaign?

A. To create successful influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Use influencer marketing platforms to find influencers whose audience matches your target audience.
  • Choose a campaign type that matches your marketing goals.
  • Run the campaigns on the right social media platforms.
  • Share influencer content on your website and social media accounts.

Q3. What is an example of influencer marketing?

A. The 67 Shades of Dior campaign is one of the best influencer marketing campaigns. It amplified the brand’s values and created product awareness.

Q4. What are the 3 R's of influencer marketing?

A. The 3 R's of an effective influencer marketing strategy are:

  • Relevance: Ensure there’s alignment between the influencer’s niche and your brand or product.
  • Reach: Choose influencers who can reach a significant audience that’s relevant to your target market.
  • Resonance: Work with an influencer with an engaged audience. The more social media engagement they can generate the more successful the campaign will be.

Q5. What are the criteria you look for when choosing influencers?

A. Consider the following factors when choosing social media influencers:

  • Their relevance to your brand’s niche
  • The demographics of the influencer’s followers in relation to your target market
  • The engagement rates in their social media channels
  • The influencer’s creativity
  • Whether the influencer’s values align with your brand’s image

Ready to Launch Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

There you have it, 13 of the best influencer marketing campaigns to inspire your next one.

You don’t have to copy these influencer campaigns. Instead, use your creativity to build on their strategies and tactics to create successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, use the best social media marketing tools to measure success. Continuously adjust your strategies to improve your results.

Have you come across other remarkable influencer marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.