It's time for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and hot cross buns once again.

As consumers gear up for yet another exciting Easter season, companies are exploring innovative Easter marketing ideas to grow their sales.

But why is Easter so important for businesses?

Because it is a widely-celebrated holiday and people like to buy gifts for their loved ones or simply shop more during the holidays.

Did you know that 65% of American adults who identify themselves as Christians celebrate Easter to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

In fact, in a Statista survey, 79% of the respondents said that they enjoy celebrating Easter.

Do you celebrate Easter Day

Image Source – Statista 

And what do all of these people do during their Easter celebrations?

They visit their families, donate to the poor, and (of course) indulge in shopping for Easter-related merchandise.

Fun fact: every person who celebrates Easter was expected to spend an average of $179.7 in 2021? That adds up to a total of $21.6 billion, according to a recent National Retail Federation (NRF) survey.


Image Source – NRF

No doubt, it’s a busy season for marketers too.

Whether your business is involved in making Easter goodies or not, you can use this holiday season as a springboard to promote your products and services to attract new customers.

To help get you started, we’ve listed some exciting and creative Easter marketing ideas. Use these Easter marketing ideas to take your target audience down the rabbit hole and lead them to all you have on offer.

10 Creative Easter Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Easter’s potential as a sales season is enormous…but only if the brands know how to leverage it. That being said, business owners may feel overwhelmed by the idea of inducing the Easter spirit into their marketing strategies.

We can relate, and we’re going to help you out.

Have a look at these eggcellent Easter marketing ideas to get you started.

1. Create an Attractive Video Greeting

Easter is a great time to connect with your target audience. This Easter, don your creative hat and make a video greeting to wish your customers a happy Easter in style.

Believe it or not, video is the most consumed type of media! By investing in a video greeting, you can expand your reach.

Yes, making professional-grade videos can be expensive. But with the help of a good video-making tool, you can create an impressive video without spending too much money or time.

Choices abound: you can opt for an animated video, your team members wishing the audience well, or even include attractive Easter-related engaging graphics.

Remember these social media design tips while creating a video greeting:

  • Keep it short and crisp
  • Include a creative message
  • Tell a visual story
  • Try to build your brand credibility

Create an Attractive Video Greeting

2. Give Your Newsletter an Easter Twist

Do you send newsletters regularly?

If yes, then it's time to give it an Easter twist.

We need not remind you that a newsletter is an effective tool to keep your loyal customers updated about your latest campaigns. Be it an Easter giveaway, limited edition product range, or festive sales, use your newsletter to highlight them all.

An inviting Easter-themed newsletter can coax your customers to visit your online store or even a physical one to check out the latest collections you have on offer.

Even business owners with a limited budget can use a newsletter during Easter to generate new leads for their business. Use headline analyzer tools to further boost the effectiveness of your newsletter by crafting engaging headlines.

3. Tweak Your Website for Easter

As the festive season approaches, let your website spread some Easter cheer.

One of the easiest and must-try Easter marketing ideas this season is to simply tweak your website for Easter. If you have used tools like Wix to create your website, then it should be a breeze to make such changes.

Add a few Easter elements to your homepage and other important landing pages. The popping colors of Easter, the Easter bunny, and Easter eggs: use them all generously to decorate your website.

Also, add pop-ups on various pages of your website to draw your visitors’ attention towards your special offers.

If you are running Easter sales or limited period offers on your website, don't miss any opportunity to spotlight them.

4. Organize a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt on Social Media

It's time to move your Easter marketing ideas to your social media pages. Who doesn't like a fun Easter egg hunt?

Transfer the same fun and enthusiasm onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok by hosting a virtual egg hunt.

You can create a contest using an image post or video post and asking your followers to search for the hidden eggs. Be sure to have some cool prizes for the winners!

This is how Arganicare ran an Easter egg hunt content: using multiple posts over a period of a few days. Not only were they able to keep their followers glued to the page for this duration, but they also successfully engaged them.

Organize a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt on Social Media

Image Source – Instagram

5. Leverage User-Generated Content to Promote Yourself

While we’re discussing social media, we can’t ignore the power of user-generated content (UGC). As one of the most effective Easter marketing ideas, you can run a social media contest inviting your followers to post Easter-themed photos.

These photos can be of their big family gathering for Easter, attractive handmade Easter eggs, or a classic Easter dish they prepared using your ingredients. Come up with a quirky hashtag or find trending hashtags using tools like Hashtagify and you’re good to go!

Then, repost the shortlisted entries on your brand page and ask your audience to vote for the best one. Treat the winner with a special prize.

UGC is both creative and fresh content that can do wonders for your SEO. Come up with innovative ways to promote your brand using UGC and make these Easter marketing ideas work for your benefit.

6. Run an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Easter

Influencer marketing currently is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that marketers swear by. Social media influencers have a loyal fan following and brands can reach out to this expansive customer base by collaborating with the influencers.

As one of the top Easter marketing ideas, you can team up with influencers in your niche and run some exciting Easter marketing campaigns. Easter giveaways, Easter-related content, limited period offers, festive sales, and similar Easter marketing ideas are all ideal for influencer marketing.

Influencer recommendations weigh more than branded content, so you should ensure that you allow the influencers to craft campaigns in their own unique style. To stay within your budget, consider collaborating with local micro-influencers who can generate quality leads for your brand.

Use good influencer marketing tools to find the right influencers and run successful influencer campaigns.

7. Create a Buzz with Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective Easter marketing ideas for small businesses. Emails are easy to personalize and can be used to achieve multiple goals, especially if you use good email marketing tools like Mailchimp.

Email campaigns can be created to reach out to your regular customers, as well as to potential buyers. You can incorporate any of the following Easter marketing ideas into your email campaign to not only boost traffic to your website but also to generate leads.

Create a Buzz with Email Marketing

If you don’t use one already, it’s a smart choice to use an email automation tool to send personalized bulk emails. The tool can also be used to track the progress and success of the Easter campaign.

Also, don’t forget to use subject line tester tools to create compelling and click-worthy subject lines to increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

8. Put Together Limited Edition Easter Baskets

The festive season is a great time to offer limited edition products, and Easter is no different. Selling product bundles packaged as an Easter basket is one of the most appealing Easter marketing ideas to attract bargain hunters.

Typically in an Easter basket bundle, brands bundle up a few of their popular products along with Easter goodies and offer a discount. Because bundles like this make such great gifts for the season, customers are interested in such offers.

You can handpick a couple of your popular products and pair them with a couple of average selling ones to create a gift bundle. Add an Easter egg, chocolate bunnies, or a bottle of wine to make the basket extra egg-citing.

To create a sense of urgency, you can limit the number of bundles available or run the offer for a limited period of time.

9. Offer Special Deals for Referrals

One of the easiest and most powerful Easter marketing ideas is to use ‘word of mouth’ to promote your brand. Referral programs, both digital and in-person, are an inexpensive way to garner new leads for your business.

How does such a campaign work?

When a customer refers your brand to their connections, they get a discount coupon or a free product, or any other reward. For example, if a happy customer recommends your cafe to their friend and they visit you, the first person gets a free cappuccino.

To make such Easter marketing ideas work, you should put a plan in place to track the referrals using unique referral codes and coupons. Use good referral marketing software solutions to run a smooth campaign.

10. Give Surprise Gifts at Checkout

Easter is a time of wonderful surprises. Not only kids but even grown-ups will be glad to receive surprise gifts. This is one of those Easter marketing ideas that work well for stores as well as for ecommerce businesses.

You can simply add a surprise gift to your customer’s cart during checkout or provide them with a coupon code to get a special gift. Additionally, you can set a minimum order value to get this reward to encourage people to shop for more.

This is one of the Easter marketing ideas that will bring joy to your customers. Offer them something which is of value to them but doesn’t cost much to you. If you own a boutique, you can offer your customers a beautiful clutch as a gift. A fashion jeweler can give away a chic bracelet or a pair of earrings as an Easter gift.

To attract more and more customers, run the Easter campaign for a limited period of time and advertise it both offline and online for generating maximum traction.


Q1. How do you market Easter?

A. Here are some innovative Easter marketing ideas you can try for your business.

  • Create an engaging video greeting
  • Give your newsletter an Easter twist
  • Tweak your website for Easter
  • Organize a virtual egg hunt on social media
  • Use user-generated content to promote yourself
  • Run an influencer marketing campaign for Easter
  • Create a buzz with email marketing
  • Put together limited edition Easter baskets
  • Offer special deals for referrals
  • Give surprise gifts at checkout

Use a mix of these Easter marketing ideas to get the best results.

Q2. How do you run a social media Easter egg hunt?

A. A social media Easter egg hunt can be quite a lot of fun. You can run a virtual Easter egg hunt content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Simply hide Easter eggs in your posts and ask your fans to find the eggs!

Those who find them first are rewarded with gift hampers or coupons. This is one of the most effective Easter marketing ideas to engage your social media audience.

Q3. How can I make Easter more fun?

A. Easter can be made more fun by trying out a few of these Easter marketing ideas:

  • Run Easter egg hunts on social media
  • Get your target audience involved in the Easter campaign
  • Offer exciting giveaways
  • Host in-store contests and games
  • Surprise your customers with a special gift

Q4. What can I achieve by organizing an Easter marketing campaign?

A. By running an Easter marketing campaign, you can achieve one or more of these goals:

  • Boost brand visibility
  • Engage your target audience
  • Increase sales
  • Build a bond with your loyal customers
  • Generate organic traffic for your website

Use the marketing ideas in this post to fuel your next Easter campaign.

Are You All Set for Your Next Easter Marketing Campaign?

The possibilities are aplenty for you to promote your business during Easter. These tried and tested Easter marketing ideas that we have shared above are bound to get your audience excited and trigger curiosity in them.

One of the best Easter marketing ideas for a campaign is to have a good mix of Easter vibes and branding. While you may have to shell out a decent amount to execute these Easter marketing ideas, they can be extremely profitable for your business when executed well.

Have you shortlisted the Easter marketing ideas that are just right for your brand?

We would love to know what you're planning for Easter. Let us know which of these Easter marketing ideas you plan to use. Share your responses in the comments section.