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Why Use Our Free
Email Subject Line Analyzer?

Our Email Subject Line Analyzer assesses and scores your subject line based on its real-time click potential.

Leverage the insights from our email subject line tester to
write compelling and emotionally-charged subject lines that beg to be clicked.

Ready to write impressive email subject lines for the success of your next campaign?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an email subject line analyzer do?

An email subject line analyzer (also referred to as email subject line tester or email subject line grader) evaluates subject lines on the basis of parameters like readability, sentiment, word/character length, and personalization.

To enable you to do a quick comparison of different versions of your subject line, an email subject line analyzer scores them out of 100.

In addition, some analyzer tools like our Email Subject Line Analyzer provide you with practical tips to improve the overall score of your subject line.

2. Why should you test subject lines?

Testing subject lines is non-negotiable if you want to make your email marketing campaigns successful.

After all, it’s only when your emails get opened that they can deliver a good ROI. And, email open rates are likely to be directly impacted by the subject line, which makes the first impression with an email recipient.

Many subject line testers flag the “bad words” in your subject lines that can turn off recipients and reduce open rates. Avoiding such words can also prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder.

Likewise, a powerful subject line analyzer will suggest “good words,” adding which can make your subject lines more click-worthy.

3. How do you evaluate the subject line of an email?

Evaluating the subject line of an email is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is to enter your subject line in our Email Subject Line Analyzer and click on “Test Now!.” It will analyze your subject lines for their length, wordiness, personalization, and emotional value.

Our email subject line tester also offers easy suggestions to improve your subject lines such as which words to keep and which ones to remove.

4. What is the best subject line for an email?

First off, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for writing email subject lines. The best subject line for an email varies depending on the type of email, your target audience, and campaign goals, among other things.

That said, here are some common qualities that most successful subject lines have:

  • Catchy enough to attract recipients
  • Promising value or intriguing recipients
  • Not longer than 9 words and 60 characters
  • Personalized and contextual
  • No spammy words

The best kind of subject lines meet all of the above points.

And our Email Subject Line Analyzer helps you get there. It evaluates and scores your subject lines for all of the above factors so that you can pick a great subject line.

5. What is the best subject line for an email?

You can use our Email Subject Line Analyzer to test how engaging and click-worthy your subject line is.

Follow the steps below to test subject lines and optimize them for more opens:

Step 1: Type the subject line you want to test and click the “Test Now!” button.

Step 2: Check out the overall score (out of 100) of your subject line.

Step 3: Go through the improvement suggestions our Email Subject Line Analyzer gives, implement them, and reanalyze your subject line.

Step 4: Repeat this process a few times.

Step 5: Pick the subject line with the maximum score. The higher the score, the better the subject line.

6. Have other questions?

Get in touch with us using the contact form.

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What Are the Elements of a
Good Email Subject Line?

Catchy or emotional? Descriptive or short?

What makes it a good email subject line?

While there’s no particular formula, including certain elements can help you
improve the engagement value of your subject line.


Recipient’s name, location-specific offers, exclusive
deals - all add a personal touch to subject
lines and help trigger action.

Length Optimization

Subject lines that exceed 9 words or 60
aren’t completely visible on small
screens and often fail to get clicked.


Subject lines that create FOMO are known to
spark curiosity, hook recipients, and attract lots of
clicks and conversions.

Want to write subject lines that scream for attention?

Our Email Subject Line Analyzer uses data-backed analytics to evaluate your subject lines in
seconds and offer optimization tips.

What Our Analyzer Checks
Your Subject Lines For?

Our Email Subject Line Analyzer uses multiple data points to test your subject line
against thousands of similar subject lines from real campaigns.

Test your email subject line for:

Power Words

Words like “invitation” and “special” in subject lines can increase your open rates.

Word Count

Short subject lines (under 9 words) render perfectly on all screen sizes.

Character Count

Subjects with 60 characters or less don’t get cut off even on Android screens.


Subject lines written in the Title Case are likely to attract more clicks and email opens.

Subject Line Type

Number and question-based subject lines get more attention and clicks.

Emoji Count

Emojis, when used in moderation, can make your subject lines stand out.

Do your subject lines meet these requirements?
Use our email subject line analyzer to see for yourself.

You’re Just a Click Away From
Writing Great Subject Lines

Writing email subject lines need not be a stressful job. And it won’t be if you use our reliable Email Subject Line Analyzer to do all the hard work for you.

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