Kartra Review: The Summary Box

Kartra is an all-in-one solution that can help you market and grow your business. From creating landing pages to running successful email campaigns, Kartra helps with all aspects of online marketing.

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Pros & Cons


All-in-one marketing solution Requires a learning curve
Comparatively more affordable than using multiple tools Interface can be made even more user-friendly
Excellent customer support
Useful learning resources and guides


  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • Comparatively more affordable than using multiple tools
  • Excellent customer support
  • Useful learning resources and guides


  • Requires a learning curve
  • Interface can be made even more user-friendly/li>


Pricing Details

Get 20% off on your first payment using our exclusive link. You can try the platform for free for 30 days and get a full refund in case you don’t like it, with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Starter: $$119
  • Growth: $229
  • Professional: $549


Quick Review

Kartra is a great option for marketers who want a single platform to generate leads, market their products or services, and scale their business. It saves you the trouble of integrating multiple tools by offering end-to-end lead generation and marketing features. It is especially great for those selling digital products, such as online courses or other learning resources.

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Kartra Review: Key Features

Website and Landing Page builder Lead Capture Form Builder
Video Marketing Software Live Webinars and Events
Membership Programs and Sites Lead Management
Email Marketing Checkout Management
Affiliate Marketing Automated Sales Funnels
Customer Journey Mapper Appointment Scheduling
Real-Time Funnel Analytics Surveys and Quizzes
  • Website and Landing Page builder
  • Video Marketing Software
  • Live Webinars and Events
  • Membership Programs and Sites
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Checkout Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Automated Sales Funnels
  • Customer Journey Mapper
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Real-Time Funnel Analytics
  • Lead Capture Form Builder
  • Surveys and Quizzes

Who is it Designed For?

Content creators
Small business owners
Online coaches
  • Content creators
  • Small business owners
  • Online coaches
  • Agencies

Supercharge Your Marketing with Kartra

Why We Like Kartra

We have come across many great marketing tools over the years. Some are great for email marketing, some specialize in sales funnels, and some cater to other marketing needs.

The one thing that sets Kartra apart, and why we decided to write this Kartra review, is that it offers everything you need in one comprehensive package.

Using its wide variety of tools and features, you can manage all aspects of marketing from lead generation to conversion optimization.

This Kartra review is aimed at helping marketers and entrepreneurs like you who are looking for an all-in-one, convenient marketing solution.

Read this review and check out customer reviews on trusted review sites to make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you.

And if you decide to try Kartra based on this Kartra review, make sure you use our link to get an exclusive deal and the best prices.

We recommend you make use of its 30-day money-back guarantee to try the platform and all its features before making a final decision.

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Detailed Kartra Review: Key Features

In this section of the Kartra review, we’ll cover all its features in detail and review each to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for specific features, you can simply scroll through and directly jump to the relevant section.

Let’s get started with this detailed Kartra review.

1. Landing Pages and Websites

Let’s start this Kartra review with its most notable feature—website and landing page builder.

You can use Kartra to build a website and either host it on Kartra or use your own domain. It offers 500+ professionally designed templates that you can use to create aesthetic web pages.

All these templates are completely customizable and you can modify each element as per your preference. The interface is easy to use with a drag-and-drop visual editor that anyone can use without needing any coding skills.

Want to know the best part?

You can create 100% mobile-responsive websites quickly and easily, without requiring any technical expertise. There are global headers, footers, menu options, etc. that you can apply throughout your website in one go, instead of page by page.

Also, adding your branding to your page designs is a breeze. You can choose your logo, colors, and fonts, and apply them to all your web pages with a single click.

Overall, designing a website and landing pages using Kartra is quick and easy. In fact, based on our Kartra review, we can confidently say that it can replace tools like Wix and act as a robust website-building tool.

Take a look at the various templates that it offers.

Landing Page Templates

Image via Kartra

Pro Tip: You can start from scratch and use the blank page option if you want a completely custom-made design. Even in that case, you will find tons of drag-and-drop elements that you can easily add to create high-converting landing pages.

2. Pop-Ups and Forms

One of the best ways to capture leads through your website is by using signup forms on your website. Kartra provides a user-friendly form build and 50+ mobile-responsive templates for you to create stunning forms for your website.

Here are some of the other features that you get:

  • Form memory to autofill forms for repeat users
  • Custom form fields including a variety of options, such as checkboxes, drop downs, radio buttons, etc.
  • Automatic lead tagging, segmentation, and triggers after a user fills out a form
  • Easy form embed options for website, videos, and other channels
  • Double opt-in option to ensure only relevant people subscribe to your emails and message communications
  • Easy global branding application across all forms and pop-ups
  • Various types of forms are available—embeds, pop-ups, peek-ups, and slid-ins

Check out this simple interface of Kartra’s form builder. You can easily add different types of form fields, modify the design, and set up automation workflows.

Form Builder

Image via Kartra

Pro Tip: Make sure you set up automatic tagging and list segmentation options based on the answers provided by users in forms. This will help you create seamless sales funnels and make the most of Kartra’s advanced features.

3. Membership Sites

Membership programs are one of the best ways to retain existing customers and encourage repeat business. Kartra can help in this aspect by allowing you to build custom membership sites.

This is especially great for online course providers who want people to subscribe to get access to various types of content and courses.

You can use it to create an online learning center where members can access your learning resources and courses. Different members may have different access levels based on their membership tiers.

You can also build an online community of loyal customers who can interact with each other and moderators to get answers or discuss various topics.

Here are some features that it offers:

Kartra Memberships

Image via Kartra

  • Fully customizable templates to quickly create membership sites and online learning centers
  • Option to create multiple membership tiers with different pricing, features, and access levels
  • Easy navigation options using categories and subcategories to structure lessons
  • Option to provide access to all content in one go or provide access to more content as a user goes through existing content pieces
  • Option to create different membership programs and host them on a single site using a single login
  • Ability to schedule content to be released at specific dates and time, and to specific membership tiers
  • Membership analytics including subscribe/unsubscribe rates, average retention rate, number of active members, etc.

4. Video Marketing

Adding videos to your website can help engage your prospects and drive more conversions. Kartra offers a solution that makes it easy to add videos to your website and use them to drive conversions.

You can not only customize the look and feel of Kartra’s video player but can modify settings as per your preferences. You can, for instance, auto-play videos when a page is loaded, make sure all videos are muted when they auto-start, and display an overlay title.

Kartra offers various options that you can turn on or off at the click of a button to customize how videos are displayed on your website. You can also decide if you ` embed videos or have them appear as a pop-up window.

What else?

Videos uploaded using Kartra are 100% mobile-responsive and play well on all screen sizes.

Kartra also offers the following features to nurture leads and drive conversions, when combined with a solid video marketing strategy.

  • Option to add a call to action in your videos to drive leads down a sales funnel
  • The ability to tag people who leave a video midway through and send them reminders to finish watching
  • A link to another related video when a viewer finishes watching one
  • Option to add timed opt-in forms to build an email list while engaging audiences with videos

Pro Tip: You can create video playlists and organize them under categories and subcategories if you want to run a membership site for online learning.

5. Sales Funnels and Campaigns

This Kartra review won’t be complete without mentioning one of its most notable features—funnels and campaigns.

You can use Kartra to create high-converting sales funnels that engage prospects at all important touchpoints on their buyer’s journey. Here are some notable features we want to cover in this Kartra review.

  • Sequence Builder: You get a simple, drag-and-drop funnel builder that you can use to create multi-step funnels. You can create multiple paths using Boolean logic and once a funnel is created it will work on its own.
    • Funnel Automation: Use multiple triggers and “if-then” logic to create automated workflows. You can stack multiple conditions to form complex advanced workflows and have your sales funnels run automatically.

    If-Then Automated Workflows

    Image via Kartra

    • Done-for-You Campaigns: One of the best things we found about Kartra during our review is that it offers plug-and-play campaign workflows that you can use to build a sales and marketing funnel. Some of the world’s top marketers and Kartra’s community members have uploaded their high-performing campaign templates that you can simply import, customize, and start using.

    Pro Tip: Make sure you connect Kartra Pages, emails, and other features into your workflows to create a seamless automated sales funnel.

    6. Email Marketing

    In this section, we’ll review the email marketing tools that Kartra offers so you can decide if it’s good enough to replace your existing email marketing platform.

    Let’s get right to it. Here are the key email marketing features that we wanted to highlight in this Kartra review.

    • Templates: You can use one of the numerous professionally designed email templates to create different types of emails for your business. You can drag and drop various content blocks to customize these templates and make them truly unique.
    • Customization Options: You can customize your emails at scale using demographic data, such as name, age, and location of recipients.
    • Automation: You can set up triggers to send automated emails based on user behaviors and actions. Apart from standard rules and triggers, you can also create advanced automation sequences using custom rules. You can also trigger a drip email campaign where each email is sent at specific dates and times after the first email is triggered.
    • Split Testing: Kartra offers robust split testing options to test your email subject lines, content, and more to help you understand what works best with your audience.
    • Analytics: Kartra provides all essential email marketing metrics that you’ll get with any other email marketing platform.

    Here’s an image showing the kind of email analytics and metrics you can expect.

    Kartra Email Analytics

    Image via Kartra

    Overall, after a thorough review, we’ve found Kartra’s email marketing features to be on par with those offered by specialized email marketing tools.

    7. Lead Management

    In this section of the Kartra review, we’ll discuss its lead management system. Here are the most notable features you should review before making a decision.

    • Customer Profiles: You’ll get a comprehensive 360-degree view of each prospect’s profile and history with your brand.
    • Lead Tagging: Using Kartra’s custom labels you can categorize leads into various segments and use different marketing tactics to target each segment.
    • Lead Scoring: Kartra allows you to assign scores to leads based on the actions they complete and other factors. You also have the option to automatically trigger actions as soon as a lead’s score increases beyond a certain threshold.

    Lead Scoring

    Image via Kartra

    • Bulk Import: If you want to switch from a competitor and try out Kartra, you can easily import your lead data from other tools.

    8. Checkouts

    Online businesses that sell products or services need good shopping cart software to streamline the checkout process and Kartra offers exactly that.

    In this part of the Kartra review, we’ll explain what it offers to help you decide if it’s enough to meet your needs.

    Let’s get started.

    To start with, Kartra allows you to sell unlimited courses, products, services, memberships, and more. You get numerous options for using different types of pricing options for different products

    It boasts gorgeous checkout pages designed by professionals that you can customize for your business and start using.

    Here are some other notable features you should consider for your review:

    • The details of repeat customers are auto-filled during checkout, to make the checkout process faster and more efficient
    • It can tag customers and segment them into various lists for relationship-building and marketing activities
    • There is an option to set up last-minute upsell and cross-sell offers that can be automatically displayed during checkout

    Kartra Order Bump (Upsell)

    Image via Kartra

    • Kartra allows payments via credit cards or PayPal, making it convenient for online shoppers
    • You also have the option to set up recurring payments and subscriptions for your membership sites

    Kartra Pricing Configuration

    Image via Kartra

    Pro Tip: To get more sign-ups, you can set a free or paid trial that will automatically upgrade to a paid plan after the trial period is over.

    9. Affiliate Management

    Another important marketing feature that Kartra offers is an affiliate marketing solution, which we’ll review in this section.

    Using Kartra you can run a successful affiliate program, manage all your affiliates, track their performance, and make payments from a simple interface.

    With the Kartra affiliate platform, you’ll get:

    • Flexible commission options that can differ by product or location
    • Complete control over how affiliates will be paid—after a certain amount of sales is made or a progressive payment release system
    • Custom landing pages to attract relevant affiliates and a questionnaire to help you filter out irrelevant ones
    • The ability to create multiple affiliate tiers with different commissions and payment structures
    • Detailed profiles of all affiliates with all important information you’ll need to review, sort, and filter them
    • In-depth affiliate performance analytics to identify top-performing and low-performing ones and take necessary action based on that

    10. Webinars

    In this section of the Kartra review, we’ll discuss how it helps you host engaging webinars to engage your audience.

    You can use one of the predesigned templates or start from scratch. You can then engage your audience using the following features:

    • On-screen whiteboard to write notes and explain concepts to your audience live on a webinar.
    • Option to add polls, quizzes, and webinars to keep the participants engaged.
    • Ability to add attendees to join the webinar and speak.
    • Always-on, 24/7 brand-specific live room with a single link that you can share and have people join anytime.
    • Promotions that appear during the webinar, in-webinar resources, and more.

    Kartra’s webinar software and engagement features make it really easy to engage and convert leads via webinars.

    You will also get webinar analytics with essential metrics to track the number of visitors and engagement rate for your webinars.

    Webinar Analytics

    Image via Kartra

    Pro Tip: Make sure you add your branding to both live and recorded webinars to improve brand awareness and recall.

    11. Funnel Mapper and Simulator

    Kartra’s visual drag-and-drop funnel maker makes building funnels a breeze. You can use it to build funnels, make projections, and experiment till you design the perfect sales funnel for your online business.

    Here’s an example of a simple funnel map that you can build using Kartra. You can, of course, create much more complex and advanced workflows using its funnel maker.

    Kartra Funnel Mapper

    Image via Kartra

    Using its funnel simulator charts you can see projections for which assets are likely to deliver the best results.

    You can also share your maps and simulations with other team members or even sell templates that others can replicate via the Kartra Marketplace.

    12. Real-Time Funnel Analytics

    Apart from building sales funnels, Kartra also helps you optimize your existing ones by providing in-depth analytics and performance insights.

    You can see a visual map of your sales funnel and how each element is performing. This helps you identify bottlenecks and touchpoints where leads typically leave the funnel without converting.

    You can also review the data and identify top-performing channels and your top customers. This allows you to spend money on the most profitable channels and leads and scale your business.

    Want to know the best part?

    You get real-time analytics into your sales funnels’ performance to help you identify and resolve issues quickly, without losing valuable leads.

    Here’s an example of a visual map showing the conversion rates at various stages of a sales funnel.

    Real-Time Funnel Analytics

    Image via Kartra

    13. Surveys & Quizzes

    As part of our Kartra review, we found that it also offers customer feedback and engagement features. You can create surveys and quizzes to gather customer feedback, gain insights into their preferences, or boost engagement.

    Its drag-and-drop survey builder allows you to create engaging surveys within minutes. You can choose from various types of question/answer formats, add visuals, and create different survey paths based on the answers.

    What else does it offer?

    Well, as with all Kartra’s features, this one also helps you with your marketing efforts. Based on the survey answers, Kartra will automatically tag users and segment them into relevant lists for marketing and lead nurturing purposes.

    You will also get access to in-depth survey analytics to gain valuable insights that can help you make strategic decisions.

    Check out this visual dashboard with an overview of a survey’s responses and key metrics.

    Survey Analytics

    Image via Kartra

    Pro Tip: Set triggers to automatically send emails with surveys to collect customer feedback after they take specific actions. This will automate customer feedback collection for your business.

    14. Calendars

    In this part of our Kartra review, we’ll discuss the appointment scheduling features that it offers.

    To start with, you get a calendar tool that helps your prospective customers book appointments. Here are the features that it offers:

    • Kartra calendars are updated in real-time to ensure there are no double bookings
    • There’s an option to customize calendars with your branding to make them truly unique
    • It’s easy to build calendars and embed them on your website, pop-ups, or anywhere else
    • The geolocation feature allows each client to see the calendar in their local time
    • Kartra automatically updates each participant if an appointment is rescheduled or canceled

    Review the image below to get an idea of how a Kartra calendar looks.

    Kartra Calendar

    Image via Kartra

    15. Helpdesks

    Last on our Kartra review is the helpdesk feature it offers for delivering exceptional customer service to your clients.

    It has a ticketing system that lets you:

    • Organize support tickets by department
    • Enable multi-agent collaboration, such as adding another agent to a conversation or passing the conversation from one department to another
    • Embed replies to frequently asked questions to provide quick resolutions to customers

    Here’re some examples of canned responses for standard FAQs.

    Kartra Helpdesk Canned Responses

    Image via Kartra

    It also offers real-time and offline 24/7 chat options. Customers can use the chat option to leave a message and it will pop up as a notification so you or your team don’t miss any notifications.

    There’s also an option to download your chat logs to keep a record of customer interactions and gain insights from them.

    Kartra Chat Log

    Image via Kartra

    Run Successful Campaigns with Kartra

    What Are Others Saying About Kartra?

    Overall, I'm really happy with my experience using Kartra. It's been a great tool for me to build my business and create successful campaigns. It's easy to use and provides great customer service if needed. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an all-in-one online platform.

    — Maciej G.

    I use Kartra to quickly launch an MVP for a business idea or a landing page to collect leads, the premade templates make the website creation super easy and fast without compromising the end result. I also use the Kartra API to integrate the websites I have hosted on Kartra with other services like Google Sheets and Slack.”

    — Yassine A.

    I have enjoyed using Kartra over the past couple of weeks. We're building more campaigns than we ever have in the shortest period of time. The cost is insignificant compared to the time savings and capabilities provided with Kartra.

    — Chris E.

    Boost Marketing ROI with Kartra


    Q1. Is Kartra any good?

    Absolutely! Kartra is an end-to-end marketing solution that helps you attract, engage, and convert leads. It offers a full suite of marketing tools to engage prospects at each touchpoint throughout their buying journey.

    The best part is that it offers robust features for each solution that it offers. As such, if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs, then Kartra is perfect for you. Read our Kartra review to decide if it’s the right option for you.

    Q2. What are the limitations of Kartra?

    Given the number of features it offers, it can be difficult for new users to get used to the platform. Though the user interface is user-friendly, users need some time to learn how to use the platform to its full potential. Review the interface yourself by trying it for free and read customer reviews to decide whether it’s right for you.

    Q3. Is Kartra better than ClickFunnels?

    During our detailed Kartra review, we explored the sales funnels and campaign features offered by Kartra. Even though it’s not a specialized funnel management tool, it still offers almost everything that ClickFunnels does, but at a better price.

    So, it can easily replace ClickFunnels and offer a lot more features to help you engage leads at each stage of the funnel.

    Q4. What are the benefits of Kartra?

    The biggest advantage that Kartra offers is that it acts as a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. It can replace many leading marketing software specializing in various things, such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, sales funnels, and more.

    It can help you save a lot of time, money, and effort by eliminating the need for multiple software. Read our detailed Kartra review to learn more about the platform.

    Q5. Can you sell courses on Kartra?

    Yes, Kartra is perfect for selling online courses or creating a content hub that only members can access. It also offers checkouts, landing page design, and other complementary services you’ll need to create a high-converting website. We’ve covered all its features in detail in our Kartra review.

    Use Kartra to Build a Website

    What’s the Final Verdict?

    After a detailed Kartra review, we can confidently recommend this platform to all marketers looking for a convenient all-in-one marketing solution.

    You don’t need to invest in a whole arsenal of tools when one is enough to handle all your marketing needs. Simply invest in Kartra and it will help you find and convert leads, and engage them at each stage of the funnel.

    The final verdict for this Kartra review is that it’s the perfect tool for marketers who want multiple functionalities in one tool, instead of using multiple tools.

    Try it for free to test its user interface and features and invest in it only if you like it. Use our exclusive partnership link to get the best deal.

    Get Kartra Now!

    Disclaimer: This content contains some affiliate links for which we will earn a commission (at no additional cost to you). This is to ensure that we can keep creating free content for you.